If you could spend 15 minutes with Elon Musk, what would you ask him?

Comedian Stephen Colbert will have that opportunity Wednesday when he welcomes the SpaceX and Tesla co-founder as a guest on the second-ever episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Musk will be the first celebrity entrepreneur to appear on the CBS talk show previously hosted by David Letterman. Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick visits the show on Thursday night.

So what should Colbert ask Musk on Wednesday's show? Here are five questions Colbert should raise, as suggested by MarketWatch.

1. If you could be CEO of only one of your two companies, would you choose Tesla or SpaceX, and why?

2. How soon do you expect driverless cars to be the norm? 

3. Will Tesla one day launch a driverless car service similar to Uber? 

4. Should we expect to see the hyperloop--your idea for a high-speed ground transport system--in our lifetimes?

5. How long will it be before SpaceX offers shuttle trips to Mars?

Another question Colbert should consider asking is: Do the benefits of artificial intelligence outweigh the potential dangers? While Musk is a huge proponent of developing advanced technology, he recently joined Stephen Hawking and more than 1,000 AI and robotics experts in signing an open letter warning the world's military powers not to mix AI with weapons. The development of autonomous weapons technology, the letter states, would almost certainly lead to a global arms race.

To see Colbert's one-on-one with Musk, check out The Late Show Wednesday at 11:35 pm EST.

Published on: Sep 8, 2015