Comedy Central's announcement Monday that Trevor Noah will take over for Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show left many people asking the same question: Who's Trevor Noah?

The 31-year-old comedian has just three Daily Show appearances under his belt since debuting as a contributor last December, but still managed to claim one of the most coveted positions in comedy. Born and raised in South Africa, Noah is known for tackling issues from race to international relations in his comedy, a seemingly perfect fit for a show that never shies away from satirizing highly controversial topics.

But does Noah have the chops to take over the reigns at The Daily Show, which under Stewart's leadership won 20 Emmy Awards and last year averaged a solid 2.2 million viewers per night?

Here are eight of Noah's best quotes from his stand-up routines and Daily Show segments that offer a glimpse into his unique brand of comedy.

On racism:

"You have to work a bit harder to offend me because I'm from the home of some of the best racism in the world. I'm a snob when it comes to racism."

On being a comedian:

"If this comedy thing doesn't work out, I've always got poverty to fall back on."

On police brutality:

"I never thought I'd be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa. It kind of makes me a little nostalgic for the old days back home."

On the controversy surrounding #TheDress:

"Now I wonder if somebody went to jail because a witness was 'sure' that the criminal was wearing 'white and gold.'"

On Bruce Jenner's gender reassignment:

"Looking at how successful all the Kardashian women are, I don't blame Bruce Jenner at all."

On American poverty:

"You know what African mothers tell their children everyday? 'Be grateful for what you have. Because there are fat children starving in Mississippi.'"

On Twitter death announcements:

"So sad that somebody has died. Now how can I make this about me?"

On American exceptionalism:

"Does America really need to the best at everything? You already dominate the world in economics, military power and obesity."