Apple's handpicked list of best new apps of the year has arrived just in time for the holidays, but unlike every gift guide you're likely to find, the vast majority of products on this list are free.

Best app of 2014 went to "brain training" app Elevate, which offers mini games designed to improve memory, focus, and other cognitive skills. 

"We're so hooked on its fascinating stats, colorful visuals, and personalized workouts, it's become a daily ritual," Apple wrote in Elevate's product description. 

Hyperlapse from Instagram claimed the runner-up spot this year. The app creates time-lapse videos and instantly stabilizes footage that previously required tripods and other equipment. 

Check out the full list below. (All apps without prices are free.)


Apple's Best Apps of 2014:

Yahoo News Digest

Storehouse - Visual Storytelling

1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet

Camera ($2.99)

Toca Lab ($2.99)


120 Sports


Spring - Go Shopping


Peak - Brain Training

Nighty Night Circus - bedtime story for kids ($2.99)

Yummly Recipes and Grocery Shopping List

Waterlogue ($2.99)

Human - Activity and Calorie Tracker


TeleStory ($4.99)

Network TV



Star Walk 2 - Guide to the Sky Day and Night ($2.99)


Health Mate - Steps Tracker and Life Coach by Withings

Paper - stories from Facebook