As an angel investor and head of the New York Angels investing group, Brian Cohen has heard every business idea in the book. So what's his advice for entrepreneurs pitching their ideas?

It's not about the idea. It's about the execution.

"I'll take a bad idea with brilliant execution any day over a brilliant idea with terrible execution," Cohen says.

During a conversation with Young Entrepreneur Council founder Scott Gerber, Cohen also talked about the importance of entrepreneurs doing their homework regarding the capital raising process.

"They have to ask themselves, is this the right time to raise money?" he says. "If they haven't studied or at least thought about those issues, they weren't curious enough to become as smart and as learned as they possibly could, why would I invest in them?"

Another factor when pitching angel investors is the ability to demonstrate true team chemistry.

"The team has to be able to work together," Cohen says. "A lot of times the first generation or the founders are throwaway founders. They're not going to be capable of building the business."