Chris Sacca is about to earn his fins as a guest host on Shark Tank.

The billionaire founder of venture capital firm Lowercase Capital appears on Friday's episode of the hit show, and Sacca has bite. He even gets feisty with co-host Lori Greiner. "Lori and I mix it up and it gets a little spicy," Sacca says.

Later this season, Sacca will spar with his friend Mark Cuban. "There are times when I trade blows with Cuban and it gets exciting," he says, adding that competing in the tank requires abandoning all proper etiquette.

"Once I realized that I could absolutely interrupt people without any repercussions whatsoever, I started taking swings at people," he says. "Fireworks were flying."

Other pitches from Friday's episode include a specialized version of a popular home rental website and a device that can inflate objects in seconds.

Though Sacca says he's a big believer in the power of Shark Tank to teach people about entrepreneurship, he used to poke fun at some of the weaker pitches on the show. Last year, he sent the below tweet teasing Cuban and fellow shark Daymond John.

An early investor in companies such as Twitter, Uber, and Instagram, Sacca eventually came to value the show for the way it inspires people of all ages to consider starting their own businesses.

"It's a movement," he says. "It's the American Dream embodied."

In December, Sacca will share his investment expertise and business advice for entrepreneurs at Inc.'s Vision 2020 conference in San Francisco.

For a sneak peek of Sacca's appearance on Shark Tank, check out the video below.