One of the most important issues for startups that incorporate social media into their business model is how they protect the privacy of their users. 

During a recent interview with Inc.Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley explained how tech startups can avoid raising privacy concerns with their customers.

"If you're doing something that you think is sketchy, either communicate what you're doing and what the service does way up front to the users, or just don't do it," Crowley says. "It's a modification of Google's 'don't be evil' policy. Just don't be sketchy." 

So what counts as sketchy in Crowley's mind? The best way to put your company's policies to the test, he says, is to empathize with your users by asking some fundamental questions, such as: Would you or your friends want to use this service?

"You have to imagine yourself in other people's shoes," Crowley says. "That's a helpful exercise to go through when you're writing copy that explains some of these features and how to turn things on and off."

To hear more from the conversation, watch the video below.