Watching a number of valuable employees walk out the door is, unfortunately, a fact of life when you run your own company. But it doesn't--and shouldn't--mean you must also watch valuable institutional knowledge follow them out the door.

Companies that want to retain vital expertise after losing top talent are turning to video for help, The New York Times reports. By recording lectures given by employees soon to part ways with the company, entrepreneurs can help ensure that their businesses don't suffer following high-level departures.

Seattle-based Panopto is a video platform that lets clients create videos with a crucial feature: keyword search. Using voice recognition technology, Panopto creates an index of terms from the videos that employees can search for instead of wasting time sitting through the whole thing.

Panopto was formed in 2007 and counts Qualcomm, Siemens, and Tableau as customers. The company has raised more than $8 million in venture capital financing.

Retaining vital expertise for future employees is not the only way businesses are using video to their advantage, however. 

The infographic below from Wideo explains how companies are using video to enhance internal communication and help motivate employees.

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