Could Mark Cuban lead the Republicans in the House of Representatives?

According to a tweet from the Shark Tank host on Thursday, the answer is: maybe.

The idea may sound ridiculous, but house majority leader Kevin McCarthy's abrupt decision to drop out of the race for speaker Thursday does leave the field wide open. How wide open? There's already been talk of asking Mitt Romney to take the job.

?Though Cuban's tweet was likely intended to stoke public discourse more than anything else, it isn't the first time he's brought up the possibility of getting into politics. Last month, Cuban told CNBC that running for president is "a fun idea to toss around" and that if he ran as a democrat, he could beat Hillary Clinton. He also said said that in a contest with Donald Trump, he would "crush" the real estate mogul.

Still, Cuban doesn't really see eye to eye with Republicans, and therefore wouldn't make a good speaker. One of the main challenges he says he would address if he were president is income inequality, an issue many Republicans dismiss as "class warfare." Also, building a consensus among a deeply divided group of politicians is not a job for someone who's used to being the outright boss. Having to take a vote every time you make a serious decision is likely something that would drive Cuban insane.

For all of these reasons, Cuban should stick to what he knows best: building and investing in fast-growing companies.