Specifically, the Shark Tank host is tired of scrolling through tweets in his timeline searching for a specific account so he can find out what someone thinks about a recent news development. Instead of asking Twitter to fix its cumbersome search process, Cuban has taken matters into his own hands by launching Storyline, a new app available for free through the App Store.

Developed by Cuban's digital privacy company Xpire, Storyline clusters tweets by user, making it easier to view and search for tweets from specific accounts much in the same way Snapchat Stories compiles all "snaps" from the same people in one centralized location. 

While Storyline is not a privacy app, one feature it has in common with Xpire, which erases users' digital footprints, is how it removes tweets after a first viewing, preventing users from seeing the same content twice. Unlike HootSuite, which brings together multiple social media platforms in a single dashboard, Storyline is an add-on app that works only with Twitter. Want to see what several of your favorite Twitter accounts have to say about the latest news out of Silicon Valley? With Storyline, Cuban argues, you can swipe quickly through your followers and find the information you're seeking faster.

"Within days you will find yourself reading more tweets and getting far more value from those tweets than ever before," Cuban wrote in a post on Product Hunt.  

Though Storyline is still in beta--with no word yet of when an official launch may take place--Cuban is wasting no time hyping up the app's potential.

So what do early users of the app think? So far, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Still, Twitter could create a similar search function itself, rendering Cuban's app unnecessary, or acquire Storyline like it acquired photo service TwitPic in 2014.



Published on: Jul 20, 2015