Mark Cuban may have sold his video company at the height of the U.S. tech bubble--earning him a cool $5.7 billion--but according to Cuban, replicating that kind of success is just as possible today as it was 15 years ago.

While some entrepreneurs believe the key to massive disruption involves building new technologies, Cuban says that anticipating where existing technologies are going can be just as valuable--if not more valuable. As an example, he points to Facebook's $19 billion acquisition of messaging application WhatsApp, which lets users send text, image, and audio messages across devices without requiring a data network.

"The beauty of WhatsApp wasn't messaging," Cuban said at Inc.'s GrowCo conference. "There was instant messaging forever, but they went multiplatform and went everywhere around the world."

"WhatsApp is not huge in the U.S.," Cuban said, "but it's huge everywhere else, and being able to get onto lower-end phones across the world took something that was really pretty simple and not technically difficult to do and turned it into a mega-sale."

To hear more from Cuban about building upon existing technologies, watch the video below.