Mark Cuban may love sharing business advice, but that doesn't mean he wants to be a mentor to entrepreneurs.

At the iCONIC Tour in Chicago, the first event of a three-city series hosted by CNBC and Inc., Cuban spoke openly about his somewhat contrarian opinion regarding mentorship.

"This will be kind of counterintuitive, but don't ask for help," he said. "One of the things that is challenging new companies right now is that they want a mentor. They want a tutor. Get out there. Ready. Fire. Aim. Go."

Cuban said he never had a mentor to help him build and grow his companies, and relying too much on other people can get in the way of entrepreneurs helping themselves.

"When I go and talk to colleges, [I'll hear,] 'Will you help me?' Help yourself!" he said.

One misconception Cuban spoke to at the event regarded his purported appetite for taking risks. For him, doing every last bit of research and homework that he can often eliminates the need for him to make risky bets.

"People say, 'Oh you're such a risk taker,' [but] I don't take risks," he said. "When you walk into the room, if you don't know more about your business, your industry, your company, and your customers than everybody else in the world, you're lying to yourself."

To hear more of Cuban's business advice from the iCONIC conference, check out the video below.