Watching the  Super Bowl in the future may soon feel just like being at the stadium. 

Microsoft released a promotional video Tuesday that gives consumers a sneak peak of what experiencing football through its HoloLens augmented reality headset will feel like, VentureBeat reports. The bad news? The device won't be available in time for this year's big game on Sunday. (A $3,000  HoloLens for developers is supposed to be available in early 2016, but a consumer version of the headset may take years to come to market.) But just seeing what the future holds for football fans is pretty exciting. 

Unlike most virtual reality headsets, the HoloLens displays images on top of what you see with the naked eye. What will that mean for football? Here are some of the expected features reported by VentureBeat:

  • A wider view of the field that makes it feel like you're sitting in the stadium.
  • A 3-D instant replay app that will display above your coffee table and allow you to interact with it using hand gestures.
  • Real-time statistics that pop-up beneath your view of the field and keep you updated on fantasy football.

The HoloLens headset is wireless too, so you don't have to be connected to a computer. To see what the future of football could look like, check out the video below.