Legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser has enjoyed massive commercial success throughout his career, but claims to not have an entrepreneurial bone in his body.

While best known for the "I Love New York" logo, Glaser is also famous for designing the logo for Brooklyn Brewery in 1987. He credits much of his success to the entrepreneurial partners he's been fortunate enough to work with over the years, but teaming up with these individuals was never a matter of luck.

"I can sit down with somebody and after two minutes determine whether we'll work well together or not, based on nothing except the air between us," Glaser said in a recent roundtable Inc. hosted.

The reason identifying good partners is so intuitive for Glaser has to do with the fact that, for him, a strong working relationship depends on one simple thing: whether you like the person.

"One of my rules of life is, always work with people you like. An essential part of being in business is, try to surround yourself with people who you feel affinity for, or even more than affinity," he said.

For Glaser, always following this rule has allowed him to cultivate strong relationships with people and succeed both commercially and creatively. 

"In every case, it was their capacity and friendship that led me into the situation where I could do what I did well and have my partner assert some of the other things you have to assert to run a business."

To hear more about how to pick great partners, watch the video below.

Published on: Sep 29, 2014