The meaning of the word "design" may sound like a fairly basic concept, but according to legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser, no two people have the same definition.

Glaser, whose "I Love New York" slogan is one of the most recognizable logos ever created, spoke about the concept of design at a recent roundtable hosted by Inc.

"Design is simply moving from an existing condition to a preferred one," he said. "That's it. It covers all cases. Nothing else is involved. It has nothing to do with beauty or effectiveness."

For entrepreneurs struggling with various design-related decisions for their business, thinking about design in these terms could help. Consider, for example, the rise of the iPad and similar tablets. Gestures that seem intuitive now--such as swiping a finger on a screen--completely upended the way people interact with screens.

"You cannot produce a change in technology without producing a change in design or a change in life itself," Glaser said. "So one must assume that the nature of change is inherent in the nature of design."

To hear more about the concept of design, in both the business and the non-commercial world, watch the video below.