For legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser, working with people--or for people--that you don't like is a recipe for failure.

According to Glaser, the only time he ever accomplished anything professionally occurred when he had a partnership with people he genuinely enjoyed being with.

During a conversation with Inc. creative director Blake Taylor, Glaser explained why "cooperation and affection" were crucial every time he was able to produce quality work.

"The sense of being in the same boat was essential to the relationship [and] there was no internal sabotage because one person wanted to have dominance over the other," he says.

"I just found the distinction between work that was done professionally--which meant that somebody gave you a job and you had to match their expectation--and work that was done collectively, was profound...Only groups that really work together with the sense of commonality ultimately accomplish anything in civilization."

To hear more about the importance of liking your co-workers, watch the video below.