LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman knows a thing or two about connecting employers with job candidates.

When it comes to interviewing, he says, most human resources professionals skip an extremely important subject. During a conversation with Inc. president and editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg, Hoffman explained why interviewers should ask applications what they would like to do after leaving the job for which they're applying.

"Part of what you're doing is, you're acknowledging the fact that the person has a career objective and that what they're trying to achieve in their career might be entirely done at your company and might only be done part time at your company," Hoffman says.

You want to convey that you're interested in her future and not just in what she can do for your company, he says. "All of this creates an open dialogue that has all kinds of positive attributes as you get into the employment."

For more tips on the best way to conduct an interview, watch the video below.


Published on: Jul 17, 2014