Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank has his fingerprints all over the lean startup movement--the process of turning ideas into commercial ventures through continuous innovation--but the future of lean startups is completely out of Blank's hands, he says.  

While the first 100 years of business schools never included innovation as part of their curriculums, MBA programs recently began teaching the lean startup approach, a trend that has spread beyond the classroom, according to Blank.

"What’s really interesting now is that we’re starting to see playbooks come out of large organizations on how to implement lean," he says.

"The federal government now has the 13 plays you run if you want to implement lean inside of large organizations. This is the beginning of a management stack for a different way to think about innovation and entrepreneurship."

Though the lean startup method has already begun to spread outside of large organizations, the ultimate success of the approach will depend on its continuous evolution, according to Blank.

"I’m pretty proud to say we started it, but for gosh sake we didn’t finish it," he says. "This is just the beginning of what much smarter people who come after us are going to do."

To hear more of Blank's insights, watch the video below.