U.S. consumers' love of Greek yogurt has grown so fast in recent years that it now accounts for roughly half of all U.S. yogurt sales, up from just one percent in 2007, according to data recently cited by the Wall Street Journal. 

This hasn't gone unnoticed by organic yogurt-maker Stonyfield Farm. Although Stonyfield offers its own organic Greek yogurt, the company is launching a brand new product it hopes will shake-up the feeding frenzy for popular brands like Chobani. With the organic snack, called "Petite Crème," Stonyfield is aiming at consumers who consider Greek yogurt too thick or bitter.

Perhaps most interesting about the product is the fact that Petite Crème isn't yogurt at all. The snack is made from organic cheese that is high in protein, like Greek yogurt, but creamier in texture.

Catching consumers' eyes in the overcrowded yogurt aisle will not be easy, however, which is why Stonyfield is testing out new marketing tactics that stray from the brand's classic design.

Here are three keys to the company's strategy:

Betting on Black

Stonyfield's containers will feature black labels to stand out from the stacks of predominantly white and blue yogurt cups in the refrigerated aisle. A slight gray tint is also intended to resemble a French bistro chalkboard, a theme Stonyfield will highlight with flavors such as La Vie en Strawberry.

A Subversive Slogan

Petite Crème's marketing tagline gets right to the point--the brand plans to use the phrase "Cheat on Greek" to entice customers away from Greek-style yogurt. 

Focusing on the Product, not the Logo

Instead of the "Stonyfield Farm" logo front and center, which the company does with its other products, the packaging lets the words "Petite Crème" take up the majority of the label, surrounded by twirling lines that resemble European architecture and reinforce the French theme.

Will the new product strategy work to cut into the Greek yogurt market? Tell us what you think.