Anyone doubting the continued growth of crowdfunding platforms should think twice before betting against Kickstarter.

The five-year-old company is on track to hit nearly $530 million in total pledges this year, based on annualized company data from the first three quarters of 2014, compared with $480 million last year. Roughly 3.1 million people pledged money to Kickstarter campaigns through the end of the third quarter of 2014, more than the 3 million who backed projects during all of last year.

While the most common pledge on Kickstarter is just $25, and the majority of funded projects raise less than $10,000, many campaigns reach targets in the millions, including every project on the list below.

Here are the 10 most successful Kickstarter campaigns of 2014 by dollars raised.

10. Giroptic 360cam 

Fundraising target: $150,000

Amount raised: $1,419,068

Backers: 3,916

France-based Giroptic describes the 360cam as "the world's first full HD 360-degree camera." The water-resistant product's three lenses sew images together to produce panoramic still photos and 360-degree video footage that can be live streamed and immediately uploaded to your phone. Giroptic raised nearly 10 times its target in less than two months.

9. Bibliotheca

Fundraising target: $37,000

Amount raised: $1,440,345

Backers: 14,884

Book designer Adam Lewis Greene created a modern version of the Bible that is intended to be read more like a novel than the dense, encyclopedic scriptures that exist today. Greene eliminated verse numbers, replaced words like "thee" and "thou" with contemporary language, and split the text up into four volumes to allow for a more enjoyable reading experience. During the last three days of Bibliotheca's campaign, the amount of money pledged to the project nearly doubled. 

8. The Avegant Glyph

Fundraising target: $250,000

Amount raised: $1,509,506

Backers: 3,331

The Glyph by Avegant is a portable headset that combines headphones with a visual element that allows users to watch movies and play video games. Instead of a screen, the Glyph uses a "virtual retinal display" made from 2 million tiny mirrors that create a visual experience "unlike any image you've ever seen," according to the company's Kickstarter video. The audio-video device reportedly hit its $250,000 target in just four hours.

7. Anova Precision Cooker

Fundraising target: $100,000

Amount raised: $1,811,321

Backers: 10,508

The Anova Precision Cooker is a kitchen appliance intended to produce restaurant-quality cooking results at home. The device cooks food in ziplock bags at a consistent temperature by circulating hot water in pots and other household containers. One of the advertised benefits of the product is its time-saving ability, as users can set the cooking temperature on their mobile phone and leave the cooking to the device.

6. The Sense Sleep Tracker by Hello

Fundraising target: $100,000

Amount raised: $2,410,741

Backers: 19,349

San Francisco-based Hello's Sense system tracks sleep behavior and monitors bedroom noise, light, and temperature to help users get a better night's sleep. The system's smart alarm sits on your nightstand and wakes you up at an opportune moment in your sleep cycle to avoid grogginess, according to the company. Every morning, a mobile app will tell you how well you slept by giving you a new sleep score.

5. ScIO Molecular Sensor

Fundraising target: $200,000

Amount raised: $2,762,571

Backers: 12,958

The ScIO from Israel-based Consumer Physics is a molecular sensor that can tell you the chemical makeup of physical objects it comes in contact with. The size of a thumb drive, ScIO scans the molecular fingerprint of materials and sends the results to your phone. The device can tell you which watermelon in the grocery store is the sweetest, how much longer an avocado needs to ripen, and how many calories are in a milkshake, according to the company.

4. The Dash Wireless Headphone System

Fundraising target: $260,000

Amount raised: $3,390,551

Backers: 15,998

The Dash system from Germany-based Bragi consists of two in-ear headphones that can track your movements, monitor your health, and act as a Bluetooth headset (in addition to playing music). Bragi calls the device a "discrete assistant" that can track your pulse, oxygen saturation, and temperature. "The Dash's ability to tell us how long we have exercised, how far we have traveled, and how fast we are moving, while also delivering heart rate readings and oxygen saturation level, suddenly makes this device one of the most innovative, yet necessary pieces of audio technology in modern times," Olympic triathlete Helle Frederiksen said in February.

3. The Micro 3D Printer

Fundraising target: $50,000

Amount raised: $3,401,361

Backers: 11,855

M3D's Micro is the first consumer 3D printer designed for in-home printing, according to the company. The intuitive design lets you download or create models and simply press print, while consuming roughly a 10th of the power that a professional 3D printer requires. The 2.2-pound device also comes with touch-screen-enabled designing software for both beginners and experts.

2. PonoMusic

Fundraising target: $800,000

Amount raised: $6,225,354

Backers: 18,220

Founded in 2011 by rock 'n' roll legend Neil Young, PonoMusic makes a portable music player called the Pono that lets users listen to music as close to its original recorded resolution as possible. PonoMusic's Kickstarter video features rave reviews from musicians including Dave Grohl, Norah Jones, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, and Eddie Vedder, many of whom describe the sound as the best listening experience they've ever had outside a studio. The device, which is 5-inches high, 2- inches wide, and an inch deep, is starting to ship now.

1. Coolest Cooler

Fundraising target: $50,000

Amount raised: $13,285,226

Backers: 62,642

The Coolest Cooler is the everything-in-one product for beach picnics and parties, combining storage, cooking, and entertainment. The 60-quart cooler includes a battery-powered rechargeable blender; a waterproof, removable Bluetooth speaker that works with devices up to 30 feet away; a phone charger; integrated storage for plates; a rustproof ceramic knife; tie-down bungee cords for carrying additional gear; and wide wheels that won't sink in the sand. With more than 60,000 backers, demand for the product seems healthy. 

This list excludes a movie project, a television show reboot, a new version of an existing product, and a sequel to an existing video game.