Sam Bacharach, co-founder of leadership development organization Bacharach Leadership Group, has no patience for entrepreneurs who think "politics" is a dirty word.

While some business owners may try to keep politics out of their companies, no entrepreneur can be successful without certain political skills, according to Bacharach.

"I'm always reminded of the executive who told me that he doesn't do politics," Bacharach said during a conversation for's Idea Lab with Alexa von Tobel, founder of financial planning company LearnVest. "My reaction in that instance is, 'Then you shouldn't lead.'"

While plenty of entrepreneurs have great ideas, many lack the skills needed to move their ideas forward to implementation, he says.

"That requires these micro-political skills, and I think those types of things can be taught."

So what's an example of an important political skill that entrepreneurs need to learn?

"Often we think of the great idea we have, but we don't put ourselves in the shoes of the other [person] and say to ourselves, 'What are the six or seven things that they're going to say about our ideas?'" Bacharach says.

Anticipating the obstacles your idea might face when you present it, he says, is a political skill that can help you get across the finish line.

"There are only [so many] arguments that people can make against any idea," he says. "Do you know what those arguments really are?"

To hear more about the political skills every entrepreneur needs, watch the video below.