Having a compelling story behind your company isn't just a nice a differentiator--it can be what turns your brand into a household name.

Take it from Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie, whose passion for telling his company's story helped make him a world-famous entrepreneur.

During a recent interview with Inc., Mycoskie explained why the Toms one-for-one model of giving away a pair of shoes for every pair sold has resonated so strongly with consumers.  

"People had never heard of a fashion company that was going to give something away every time they sold it, so that story went very quickly," he says. "It really is about having a story that is new [and] that's disruptive." 

One early key to the disruption Toms has caused was support from celebrities Mycoskie had never even met. 

So what separates a regular feel-good story from an infectious narrative that spreads like wildfire?

"It's important that the story is inclusive," he says. "You can have success if it's about the founder and the founder only, but I think you're going to have much more success if it's really about the community and what the community is able to do by participating in the story." 

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