The ride-sharing startup Uber is proving once again its expertise in splashy promotional stunts designed to generate buzz. (Remember those Christmas tree deliveries and private jet rides?) This time it's leveraging its brand in the service of marketing for another company.

Uber is teaming up with design company Quirky to deliver air conditioners to New Yorkers during the next three weekends. But these aren't just any air conditioners. Aros is Quirky's new smart air conditioner that adjusts its temperature according to your habits, turns off when you’re not around and tracks your usage to help you save on energy costs.

All you have to do is type UberCOOL into your existing app and for $300 you have smart air-conditioning delivered to your door.

"Lugging an air conditioner up six flights of stairs is no easy feat!" Uber wrote on its blog.

So next time you’re racking your brain for a marketing solution, think co-branding with a cool partner.