USA Networks founder Kay Koplovitz is not your average cable news executive. 

As the co-founder and chair of startup accelerator Springboard Enterprises, Koplovitz has helped women-led companies secure a combined $6.6 billion in venture capital financing. Since establishing the organization in 2000, nearly 600 women entrepreneurs have participated in Springboard's accelerator programs. 

One common mistake entrepreneurs make when seeking financing, according to Koplovitz, is asking for the wrong amount of capital.

"Always ask for more than you think you're going to ask for," she says. "We always tell our entrepreneurs, 'You've got to step up and ask for more, because this is going to run out before you think it is.' It always takes longer, [so] if you're going to go out to raise, raise more money if you can."

Despite her experience with women entrepreneurs and venture capital, Koplovitz says there is a misconception in the U.S. that women are reluctant to seek venture financing for their businesses. 

"Women aren't afraid. Women need to have an ecosystem that supports them," she says. "We've had women who are eight months pregnant come up and pitch at our events, and they're not afraid, and their child is due in four weeks."

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