Finding great employees is rarely easy, but sometimes your hiring methods can make you seem like the employer from hell.

One of the ways businesses miss out on hiring quality applicants is by scaring away prospective employees. Here are three warning signs that smart job candidates watch out for, courtesy of a recent thread on social news site Reddit.

  • Turnover talk. If your business is hiring in droves due to rapid growth, make that clear during interviews with prospective hires. The last thing you want to do is to give the impression you’re hemorrhaging employees due to high turnover, and job candidates know to inquire about this. "Always ask what happened to the person in the position before you," one Reddit commenter advised job hunters.  
  • Stale job ads. If you’ve been trying to fill a position for months and aren’t getting many applicants, consider changing the role and revising the online job description. A stale advertisement posted last year is a sign nobody wants the gig. 
  • Criticizing employees. If you’re filling a role after firing the previous employee, don’t complain about how incompetent they were. It only reflects badly on you for hiring them in the first place. And never criticize your current team. As one Reddit commenter noted: "Whenever the interviewer complains about their current staff, it's a concern to me."

Oh, and if you're not all about promoting from within, don't lie about it. You're bound to get questions about whether a position has "upward mobility." Be forthright about internal promotions. If your company rarely promotes from within, don’t claim the job comes with plenty of opportunity to grow.

New hires will get the memo pretty quickly after starting and won't stay for long. Your company may desperately need to fill a number of vacant roles, but cutting corners during the hiring process will only end up hurting your business in the long run.