The "President Cuban" scenario isn’t just a plot point from Sharknado 3. In the made-for-television movie, a shotgun-wielding Cuban and co-star Ian Ziering defend the nation's capital from the tornado-riding predators that wreaked havoc on New York and Los Angeles in the first two films. 

Cuban recently told CNBC that running for president is "a fun idea to toss around” and that if he ran as a democrat, he could beat Hillary Clinton. He also said said that in a contest with Donald Trump, he would “crush” the real estate mogul. 

Statements like that, however, haven’t prevented Cuban from lending Trump a hand in his presidential bid. Cuban recently agreed to let Trump use the Dallas Mavericks’s arena for a campaign rally Monday night.

So what would Cuban really be like as president? During an interview at the recent iCONIC conference in Chicago, co-hosted by Inc. and CNBCInc. president and editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg asked Cuban what he would do to help entrepreneurs if elected President. Here are three issues Cuban said he would focus on.

1. Income inequality. Cuban said the wealth gap in the U.S. needs to be addressed because it has a negative impact on both the rich and the poor.

"It's creating a risk factor that hurts everybody," he said. "If you have to worry about whether or not there's going to be riots or instability where your businesses are, that's an unquantifiable risk."

2. Patent law. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants too many patents, which leads to an unnecessary backlog of patent lawsuits that slow down business, according to Cuban.

"Every company is getting sued for patents for the most ridiculous [stuff] ever," he said, adding that Apple had just one patent after being in business for more than 10 years.

3. Startup bureaucracy. According to Cuban, getting rid of the red tape that comes with launching a startup would be a quick and easy way to help new entrepreneurs.

"I would simplify the 'administrivia' to start a business so there's just a single form and you don't have to apply in every municipality," Cuban said.