Pitching a product called "Boobypack" to a female investor may sound like a tough sell, but founder Christina Conrad was up to the task on Friday's episode of Shark Tank.

Pitched as a "fanny pack for your rack," Boobypack is a fashionable sports bra with zipper pockets on either side that can hold valuables like keys, cash and cell phones.

"It’s the ultimate cheeky solution to the stash-your-stuff dilemma," Conrad said.

The company launched on Kickstarter in January of 2013 and has generated nearly $170,000 in sales. Conrad came to the tank seeking $80,000 for 20 percent of her company, which attracted mixed responses from the sharks.

“I can tell that you’re relentless, which is a good thing, but one of the challenges right now is, it’s still more of a product than a company," said Mark Cuban. "From what you’ve presented so far, I don’t see it as a company that’s going to scale, so for those reasons, I’m out.”

Shark Kevin O'Leary offered $80,000 for no equity but instead a $10 per unit royalty deal in perpetuity, which Conrad quickly declined. Robert Herjavec made the first equity offer, asking for 30 percent of the business for $80,000. Conrad countered by offering to give up 25 percent, but Herjavec didn't budge.

After listening to Conrad's counter offer, shark Barbara Corcoran--who had already passed on investing--had a change of heart.

"I think you’re a great entrepreneur in every way," she said. "You’re the whole package."

Corcoran took the $80,000 for 25 percent deal that Herjavec declined, giving Conrad the business partner of her dreams.

"I’m so excited to start my partnership with Barbara. She was the shark I was gunning for from the beginning," Conrad said. "I know she’s so hands on with all of her deals. We're going to take BoobyPack to the next level."

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