Want to give your employees perks they'll actually use?

How about free vacations? Clothing startup Betabrand recently began charging its corporate expenses to a rewards-based credit card and passing the travel benefits onto its employees.

Employees propose where they want to go--and why--and the company sends one individual on a trip every six weeks, MarketWatch reports. The beauty of the system is that Betabrand doesn't have to pay a dime.

One employee recently flew to Ireland to visit the birthplace of her grandmother. Another staff member will soon travel to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

For proof that companies are increasingly adding generous benefits to help retain talent, look no further than Netflix, Microsoft and Adobe, all of which recently extended the period of paid leave for employees who are new parents.  

So should you put your company's expenses on a credit card with a generous rewards program? Bankrate.com chief financial analyst Greg McBride tells MarketWatch that as long as you can pay off the full balance every month, the answer is yes.