It's been 30 years since Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, but the exact details of Jobs's departure still remain a matter of dispute.

Jobs claimed that Apple CEO John Sculley fired him over a disagreement regarding how to save the company during a period of declining sales for the Apple II computer. 

"What can I say? I hired the wrong guy," Jobs told the BBC in a 1996 televised interview. "He destroyed everything I spent 10 years working on." Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, however, has refuted Jobs's claim, writing in a Facebook post last week that Jobs left the company voluntarily following the dispute with Sculley. 

In an interview with Inc., Sculley says the root of the problem was simply Jobs being ahead of his time. In 1985, Jobs wanted to invest heavily in Apple’s desktop publishing product, Macintosh Office, despite the fact that technology hadn’t yet made the product marketable to consumers. 

“It wasn’t his fault that the processors just weren’t fast enough to do laser printing and the kind of graphics applications that people wanted to do with desktop publishing,” Sculley says. 

“Steve was asked to step down from the Macintosh division, [but] he was never fired.”

To hear more of Sculley’s side of the story, check out the video below.