The rumors were true. Megan Smith has been named the next chief technology officer of the U.S., a move that gives the Silicon Valley veteran and vice president of Google's secretive research lab, Google X, a direct line to President Barack Obama. 

Judging by her resume, Smith is more than qualified to take over for former U.S. CTO Todd Park, who last week transitioned to technology adviser for President Obama.

Her pedigree includes a masters degree in mechanical engineering from MIT--where she helped design and build a solar car that raced 2,000 miles across Australia--a stint at Apple Computer Japan and more than a decade at Google, where she started as director of new business development and led acquisitions that eventually launched Google Earth and Google Maps.

Working alongside the 49-year-old Smith with be new deputy U.S. CTO Alexander Macgillivray, previously the general counsel at Twitter and also a Google alum.

Smith's appointment marks the first time a woman has been named to the role of CTO of the U.S.