Sustainability isn't just about venture-backed tech firms and big manufacturers. In our second annual special report on the Eco-Advantage, we look at how green business practices are transforming the stuff of everyday life.

Nothing But Green Skies

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the nation's top family-owned businesses, a $12 billion behemoth that dominates its industry. But CEO Andy Taylor feared it all could vanish in a puff of CO2. It was time to get greener. And quick.

Enterprise At a Glance
10 Questions for Enterprise's Andy Taylor
Going Carbon Neutral

Reinventing the Cheeseburger

Burgerville's Tom Mears took an icon of damn-the-whales consumer excess -- the drive-thru cheeseburger -- and turned it green. In the process, he reanimated his business.

What's In That Diaper?

In 2002, Jason and Kimberley Graham-Nye faced a decision: cloth (a hassle) or disposable (wasteful). "We looked at each other and said, 'That's it?" says Kimberley. "There hadn't been any real innovation in diapers since the 1960s, when disposables hit the market." They set out to change that.

Let's Put On a Green Show

In the wake of September 11, Image 4, a designer of trade show exhibits, saw its revenue plunge by two-thirds. That led CEO Jeff Baker to rethink everything -- and rebuild his business in a radical new way.

Green Housing for the Rest of Us

Real estate developers at Full Spectrum NY had been told that sustainably designed buildings are only for the rich. The company's response? The Kalahari, a green high-rise with all the latest features but a reasonable price tag.

Long Live Rock

A family business found the right chemistry to take the symbol of the man-made world and bring it back to nature. A few nuggets about recyclable concrete.

Power Ranger

Computers consume a lot of power even when nobody's using them. If users won't take time to power down their PCs, Surveyor software will.

Green Myths Revealed

The whole world seems to be going green, but not all conventional wisdom may be true. Here's a look at the facts behind some green myths.

Do Good, Get Rich: The Eco-Advantage

Every few years or so, American companies and consumers embrace the concept of green business. But something seems different about our current green awakening. This time, the action is being driven as much by markets as morality. Here's a look at 50 of the most intriguing companies that are helping to drive today's green revolution. You might say they've found a way to do good and get rich.

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The Green 50

From high-tech firms making big bets on the future of energy to decidedly low-tech companies that are simply determined to find a different way to do business, browse a gallery of the innovative companies on our list.