As an entrepreneur, you know better than most that time is  finite. When you are not working on your business, you are probably spending your free time with loved ones, hatching the next big idea, exercising, or getting some well-deserved rest.

So if you could use a tool to help you focus or get more done during the time you devote to work, wouldn't you? Here are five wearable devices that might just help you find a little more time to unwind.

 1. Power through your next presentation.

Do you need help to focus your mind before an important meeting or to give you an extra nudge to finish a lengthy proposal?

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You might have already heard about Thync, the mood-altering headband, which delivers low-level doses of electricity to its wearer. Some have called it a modern (and safer!) take on electroshock therapy. The company claims its low-level electrical pulses to your brain can immediately boost your energy or relax you during high pressure or stressful situations.

It has received mixed reviews on Amazon, but the company is offering a 30-day trial for just $1. If you don't see any results, simply return it and get your dollar back.

If you're willing to test it out, just make sure your phone is compatible with the app. Also, be aware that the company strictly forbids the use of this technology on anyone with implanted metal or electrical devices in their bodies.

After the 30-day trial, Thync will charge you $198.

2. Forget your passwords.

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The Nymi Band markets itself as a "wearable, multi-factor authenticator." Think of it as a master key you can use to wirelessly gain access to your computer, office, or even to pay for your food. Using biometric technology, the Nymi Band aims to strip down the authentication process to one simple model: biometrics and proximity. So go ahead and forget your passwords.

And don't worry about your Nymi Band falling into the wrong hands. Each one is built to identify the wearer's heartbeat, which is as unique to you as your fingerprints and DNA.  

Currently it's only available for developers, but Nymi is set to announce an official product launch later this year. The Nymi Band developer kit retails at $149 on the company's website.

 3. Hide the remote control.

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The futuristic Myo Gesture Control Armband by Thalmic Labs lets you control your electronic devices using a single hand motion. The gesture-control technology can help you save time on your daily tasks, as it eliminates the need for remote controls, which often get lost.

It has received mostly positive reviews on Amazon (61 percent of verified purchases). Just remember that it needs to be in direct contact with your skin to work. You can get it for $199.

4. Lose your keys.

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Remember the last time you lost your keys or your wallet? How much time did you waste looking for them and retracing your steps? Leave those days behind with The O, a smart accessory that will alert you when you're leaving something behind.

You can attach it to any belonging. Sew it to your clothes, stick it to your charger, or use it as a keychain, the possibilities are endless. After you download an app to your phone and connect it to The O, it will send an alert to your phone whenever you leave something behind.

It keeps track of your belongings at all times, so even if you miss an alert and forget something, you can easily retrace your steps by looking at where and when you had it last.

You can read early backers' reviews on its Kickstarter page. Get it starting at $9 on the company's website.

5. Recharge on the go.

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From the creators of the very successful Kickstarter campaign "The World's Best Travel Jacket," comes a new clothing line. You don't need to carry your charger around with BauBax, a new apparel line of wearable technology. With these high-tech threads, you can keep your electronics wirelessly charged in your jacket or pants.

It's still early days for the company; its Kickstarter  campaign is still going. Those who have pre-ordered should expect delivery by January 2017. You can pre-order a jacket or jeans starting at $199.