Apple's product showcase on Wednesday isn't just about new devices.

In addition to unveiling new versions of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and wireless headphones, the company will also announce the release date for iOS 12, the operating system that offers new tools to help curb your iPhone addiction. Apple is expected to release iOS 12 on September 18, and you won't need to buy a new iPhone to use it.

Here are three features from iOS 12 designed to help you reduce the amount of time you spend with your iPhone.

1. Screen Time

Available under the Settings app, Screen Time will make you aware of how much you use your phone and set usage limits for apps. It offers detailed metrics and graphs of your daily and weekly usage, including how often you picked up your phone, which apps you use most often, and for how long. 

2. App Limits

If you find yourself wasting too much time on Instagram, you can cap your usage limit using "app limits." It's a setting within the Screen Time menu where you can set a maximum time allowed for specific apps, or for a few grouped by categories, like "social networking" or "games and entertainment." If you reach your limit, you'll get a screen notification saying your time is up. There are ways around it too. The notification includes a button to let you snooze your self-imposed app limits for 15 minutes or the rest of the day, the Wall Street Journal reports.

3. Downtime

Another tool included in Screen Time, Downtime lets you schedule time away from your phone. It's similar to the Do Not Disturb feature, except in this case you will only be able to receive phone calls and use apps you've previously approved.

Early reviews of these tools suggest that, while you get a window into how much you use your device, ultimately you can still ignore the voluntary limits as often as you'd like. As WSJ's Joanna Stern explains, "I realized the control would have to come from within me, not my phone."