Self-driving cars and delivery robots make a lot of headlines, but startups are now developing artificial intelligence technology for a incredibly wide range of applications--everything from increasing sales leads to modernizing health care services.

CB Insights, a research firm that tracks venture capital activity, compiled a list of the 100 most promising A.I. startups in 2019 based on their patent activity, market potential, tech novelty, and team strength, among other factors. It includes such companies as Mighty AI, which helps businesses build computer vision models; Signifyd, a provider of anti-fraud technology for e-commerce; and Insitro, which uses A.I. to further drug research and development.

Here are the top 10 A.I. startups in the U.S., ranked in ascending order by funding. Asterisks indicate the company is a unicorn startup, valued at more than $1 billion.

10. Dataiku - $147 million

9. Landing AI - $175 million

8. Signifyd - $206 million

7. - $214 million*

6. Data Robot - $225 million

5. C3 - $243 million*

4. Butterfly Network - $350 million*

3. UiPath - $448 million*

2. Automation Anywhere - $550 million*

1. Zymergen - $574 million