Some successful entrepreneurs today travel around the world, hang out with  celebrities, buy properties,  swanky cars, sports teams, and whatever their hearts desire because they earn millions (or billions) of dollars a year. But last weekend a Twitter hashtag reminded some of them that their first jobs weren't as glamorous or profitable.

Started by singer-songwriter Marian Call, #first7jobs is a reminder that everyone has to start somewhere. Here is what some famous entrepreneurs and CEOs shared:

1.     Kimbal Musk

2.     Frank Bonsal

3.     Kevin Colleran

4.     Jeff Weiner

5.     Ben Huh

6.     Paul Graham

7.     Ian Bremmer

8.     Bruce Croxon

9.     Dave Pell

10. Amber Osborne

11.  David Lee

12.  Semil Shah


13. Emma Sinclair