Welcome to episode No. 246 of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc.'s executive director of editorial, Jon Fine.

First, senior editor Graham Winfrey hashes out why tech companies in Silicon Valley are earmarking boatloads of money for affordable housing. Facebook, Google, and Apple have all pledged to donate billions of dollars to help alleviate California's housing crisis. Their plan, however, comes with a few wrinkles.

Next, I unpack a new study from Carta, the Silicon-valley company that helps startups keep track of their equity. Its Table Stakes study found that women in venture-backed startups own 26 cents in equity for every dollar a man owns. According to the report, the gender equity gap is explained, in part, by the lack of women representation in senior roles. The report does have a silver lining though. 

Finally, editor-at-large Tom Foster shares the crazy and inspiring story behind Icon, an Austin-based startup that makes 3-D printed homes. Instead of becoming a priest, co-founder Jason Ballard discovered how to make science fiction tech real, all while supporting his wife as she grappled with cancer and raising their family together.

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