Most people have a distaste for failure. Chet Kanojia is not one of them.

When Aereo, Kanojia's television-streaming startup, filed for bankruptcy and folded in the wake of losing a Supreme Court case in 2014, the tech entrepreneur took it simply as a sign that it was time to say, "let's retool and start again."

In a recent Inc. Founders Forum interview, Kanojia talks about his new venture, Starry. The company uses airborne technology called millimeter waves to greatly improve broadband connectivity.

It's little surprise that Kanojia took on another ambitious venture right on the heels of Aereo. "Satisfied people are not entrepreneurs," he says. If you are content "you'll run away from the first fight that comes your way."

Most entrepreneurs are "miserable, dissatisfied human beings," he adds.

And while his language sounds harsh, what he means is that people frustrated with how things currently work will make it their mission to come up with something better.

So why won't entrepreneurs run away at the first sign of trouble? Well, because "What are you going to do? Go get a job?" asks Kanojia, "No way!"

For more of Chet Kanojia's story, watch the video above.