Just out of school and in the market for a job? LinkedIn just unveiled its top 10 most popular companies and jobs for recent graduates.

Based on the LinkedIn profile data from millions of 2016 college graduates in the U.S., the networking site's tally favors professional and consulting services, with companies like Deloitte and Ernst & Young leading the pack. Those companies hired more entry-level employees in 2016, helping them land the top two spots on the list. Tech companies aren't far behind, with Amazon and Oracle seizing spots four and five, respectively.

Among the most popular jobs, account manager ranked first, followed by software engineer and business analyst. According to the report, Millennials' most favor jobs that involve people skills, like recruiter, administrative assistant, and customer service representative.

College graduates will be happy to know that the positions' median salaries are included, gathered from LinkedIn's new pay-comparison tool "LinkedIn Salary" launched two weeks ago.

Investment banking analyst is the top-paying job for a recent graduate, with a median salary of $85,000 a year. Software engineer ($80,000) and consultant ($73,000) round out the top three.

Here is the complete list:

Most popular companies for recent graduates:

1. Deloitte

2. EY

3. PwC

4. Amazon

5. Oracle

6. Accenture

7. Target

8. JPMorgan Chase

9. Insight Global

10. Lockheed Martin

Most popular entry-level jobs and median salaries for recent graduates

1. Account manager - $50,000

2. Software engineer - $80,000

3. Business analyst - $59,000

4. Customer-service representative - $35,000

5. Administrative assistant - $39,500

6. Recruiter - $39,200

7. Consultant - $73,000

8. Investment banking analyst - $85,000

9. Graphic designer - $36,000

10. Staff accountant - $50,000