Lyft wants to make sure you can't blame transportation issues to skip voting in the upcoming midterm elections.

On November 6, the ride-hailing company will offer free and discounted rides across the country to get you to your polling place, according to a blog post published Thursday. Lyft is partnering with, TurboVote, and Nonprofit Votes--organizations that encourage voter turnout--to offer 50 percent-off promo codes. It is also offering free rides to people from underserved communities through partnerships with Voto Latino, the National Federation for the Blind, and local Urban League affiliates.

The promotion will cover only the ride to the polls. Regulations against voter fraud prohibit offering return trips, which are categorized as potential gifts or incentives, a Lyft spokesperson tells Inc. The company says it will offer discounted rides to "hundreds of thousands of people" on Election Day.

Lyft writes in the post announcing the campaign that it also is "committed to making it easier to register to vote and learn more about important ballot initiatives."? The company says it is teaming up with National Voter Registration and When We All Vote to remind its passengers about voter registration deadlines through social media and push notifications, give drivers key voting information, and offer in-office voter registration for employees at its offices.