President Donald Trump celebrated 50 American businesses at the White House's second annual "Made in America" showcase on Monday, touting individual products made by American companies in each of the 50 U.S. states. The event focused on goods that include materials only from the U.S.--or that include only a "negligible" amount of non-American materials--and that were assembled or processed in the U.S.

"We're here today to celebrate the greatest products in the world, products made with American heart, American sweat, and American pride," Trump said.

Here are some of the products and companies included in the showcase:

  • Moon pies from Chattanooga, Tennessee-based MoonPie

  • Flag-shaped cookies from Quincy, Massachusetts-based Ginger Betty's Bakery

  • Jeans from Coral Springs, Florida-based Bullet Blues

  • Wiffle balls and bats from Shelton, Connecticut-based Wiffle Ball Inc.

  • Jigsaw puzzles from Jackson, New Hampshire-based White Mountain Puzzles

  • Flatware utensils from Sherrill Manufacturing in Sherrill, New York

Ironically, guests at the showcase were treated to refreshments with spoons made in China. Sherrill Manufacturing co-founder Matt Roberts told the spoons were made by Oneida Ltd., a company that previously made its products in the U.S. but has since moved its manufacturing to China. Roberts did not return emails asking for comment.

Some media reports noted many Trump-branded products are also made overseas, including Trump golf hats, which are made in China; Trump-branded mugs, which are imported from Thailand; and even a toddler bib sold on the official Trump store, which comes from Peru.