With content that ranges from how-to advice to entrepreneurial case studies, this guide will help you forge alliances, implement e-mail marketing and discover traffic-building strategies that work. The end result: a stronger online marketing campaign.

The Basics of Online Marketing

Here are some great articles that will give you a general overview of what can be done to market your business via the Internet. Check them out and then dive deeper into the different methods outlined below.

Building Brands on the Web: An Old Game with New Rules
Building a brand on the Web is all about building a relationship with customers.
Marketing a Low-Budget Service Site
Here are some do-it-yourself tactics for marketing your Web site.
Nine Ways to Market Your Site for Pennies
More ways to market your business on the Internet.
How Much Will Your E-Mail Campaign Cost?
If you're planning to outsource your entire e-mail campaign, here are some guidelines to help you better plan your budget.

It's affordable and fast, but you have to do e-mail marketing well to make the sale. Use these articles to help beef up your e-mail marketing efforts.

In E-mail Marketing, Consumers Weed Out the Weakest Links
It's time for e-mail marketers to shape up. At least that seems to be the message suggested by a new round of research measuring click-through rates.
5 Tips to a Ringing E-mail Tone
The best advice in setting the tone for your business e-mail is to write in a tone that is closest to the way you would speak to your reader in person.
How to Start a Mailing List
Create and manage e-mail lists with these guidelines.
Measure Your E-Mail Marketing Results
Learn how to measure response rates to e-mail marketing.
E-Mail Newsletters: Formats That Work
Keep visitors coming back to your site with these e-mail newsletter formatting tips.
Publishing E-Mail Newsletters
In this excerpt from Poor Richard's E-mail Publishing, the author discusses software options for distributing your newsletter.
Increasing Web-Site Traffic
It's hard to make money on the Internet, but increasing the number of visitors to your Web site could help boost your online sales and visibility.
How can I effectively submit my Web site to search engines?
Concerns about how often a site should be submitted to search engines and whether it's worth paying for listings prompted an Inc.com user to e-mail us. Jakob Nielsen replies.
Should You Outsource Your SEO Campaign?
If you are considering keeping your search engine optimization campaign in-house, keep these tips in mind.
Make Keyphrases Work for You
Optimizing a Web site for high rankings means finding keyphrases most relevant to the site. But what happens when the most relevant keyphrases are not the ones people search out?
Top 10 Link-Building Strategies
Link-building strategies should be an integral part of your search engine marketing campaign.
How Popular Is Your Web Site?
Increase the number of links to your Web site with these five tips.
Local Portals Mean Big Business
Local portals provide direct access to consumers wanting to do business locally.

From running contests to viral marketing to banner ads, Inc.com shares numerous ways you can spread the word about your company on the Web.

E-Communication Strategies
These five tips for online communications strategies will pump up your public-relations efforts.
PR Homework: Study Mailing Lists
Improve your public relations campaign by monitoring discussion lists and e-mail newsletters.
Online Public Relations Tools
Here are several online tools for getting the word out about your product or service.
Niche for Success
The owner and editor of Search Engine Watch answers questions about Web site promotion.
Pump Up Your Internet PR
Want to jazz up your online public relations campaign without breaking the bank? Consider these six suggestions.
Viral Marketing: Worth Catching
Viral (or word-of-mouth) marketing is an excellent way to market your Web site for very little money because it exploits pre-existing communication lines between friends.
An Ad Model That Works
Why an imaginative, sound advertising model has made Healthcommunities.com consistently profitable.
Banner Ad Real Estate: Look Before You Leap
Before purchasing ad space on a Web site, always take the following items into consideration.
The Tested Eight-Step Banner Ad Campaign
How to find, choose, and buy the right places to run your banner ads.

Team up with other Web site to increase traffic to your site.

Start a Sales-Based Affiliate Program
Through an affiliate program, collegerecruiter.com acquired new customers without incurring marketing expenses.
Starting an Associate Program
Thinking of setting up a program to reward Web sites that send customers to your site? Do your homework first.
Use an Affiliate Program to Snag New Customers
Setting up an automated referral system on your site can attract more customers.
Hot Tip: Web Site Promotion
Companies can promote the launch of a new Web site by publicizing the premiere at another site known to be frequented by their target customers.

One-to-One Marketing

Get personal. Use these tactics to target individual customers on the Web.

One-to-One Marketing on the Web
To make real use of the Internet, the key is to work with the customers you already have.
Come In. I've Been Expecting You
Personalizing your Web site doesn't have to lead to personal bankruptcy. Here's how inexpensive tools can make every site visitor feel like an audience of one.
Are Personalization and Privacy Really at Odds?
As more companies jump on the personalization bandwagon, they're finding that personalization and privacy aren't necessarily strange bedfellows.

Success Stories

Find inspiration for creating your own Web marketing strategy in these stories from past Inc. Web Award winners.

Paradise Found
A lawyer's Web site brought new customers to his business. More important, it also brought balance to his life.
Traffic Magnets
With imagination and a clear sense of their customers, Earth Treks and Merriman Capital Management keep their Web visitors coming back for more.
Web Awards 2000: Marketing
The winning companies in the Marketing category of the 2000 Inc. Web Awards lure customers with enticing deals and ease of use.