Searching for Angels

Angels in America
Here are some profiles of a select group of angel investors, including links to their websites.
A Twist of Fate
Movie producer John Davis was such a fan of Wetzel's Pretzels that one day he decided to see if he could buy a piece of the company.
Who Exactly are Angel Investors?
Not quite sure who's an angel? Understand how they work, and when and how an entrepreneur should seek them out.
Making Friends: The Name of the Angel Game
Who are the best people to lead you to angels? Just about anybody you encounter.
The Do-It-Yourself Angel Round
Getting serious about growing your company but can't afford to hire an investment bank? Here's how Mark Torrance, CEO of, raised capital without surrendering big chunks of equity.
Local Area Network
Looking in her own backyard, Carol Latham, founder of Thermagon Inc., in Cleveland, discovered angels that she could trust and learn from.
Directory of Angel-Investor Networks
Angel investor networks are a good place to start looking for funding. These national and local groups of angels meet -- formally or informally -- to discuss deals and learn about the best new business opportunities.
SLIDESHOW: Angels with Angles
Here are a number of high profile angel investors and what they consider to be good investments.
Angels with Angles
Angel investors are changing. Here's what they're looking for, how they operate, and (because the devil is in the exit strategy) what they expect for their money
Earning Your Wings
Angel investors are getting tougher. To land seed money, you should, too.
What Does It Take to Impress an Angel Investor?
What kinds of businesses get angels' halos shining? The kinds they can understand and whose management they know can carry it off.
Seven Steps to Heaven
It pays to think like an angel -- investor, that is. Angel and author David Amis explains what you need to know about getting financing in these tough times.
The Private-Capital Survival Guide
Despite the current economic climate, private-capital deals are more appealing than ever.