A rethinking of business governance is taking place, as Tahl Raz points out in the March 2003 story, "Boardroom Makeover." Pre-Enron, business owners might have recruited board members to offer fresh perspective and vision for the company. Today, business owners demand perspective and more from their members, including higher accountability and more involvement in keeping the company on track.

The increased demand on board members' time has made finding and managing them effectively a bit trickier. To help you evaluate and find skilled board members and to discover ways to maximize a board's impact, Inc.com has assembled its best resources on the topic. Use them to build and run a board that you can count on.

Where to Begin with a Board

How To Assemble a Board of Directors
Advice on putting a board together that will serve your needs.
Building the Board
A board may be a nice luxury, but should you really devote the time to it? In this story, advisers and CEOs of growing companies describe how boards can help increase credibility and enhance growth strategies.
Four Tips for Working with Board Search Firms
The percentage of new directors recruited through professional search firms is steadily rising. Here are four tips to help you in your work with search firms.
Board Building Tips from the #1 Inc. 500 Company of 2000
Having a strong start-up board with stellar talent was critical to the success of the #1 company on the 2000 Inc. 500 list.
A Shopping List for Building Your Board
When this company's board became unproductive, it sat down to determine a list of traits it was looking for in board members before it set out to rebuild its board.
Reluctant Board Candidates: Friendly Persuasion
Learn four ways to improve the odds that an A-list candidate for your board will accept the position.
The Ultimate Board Game
Where can you scope out top talent for your board, and how do you convince stars to accept your offer? To make it work, you'll have to be seriously networked or nervy.
Creating a Buzz on Your Board of Directors
Lots of board members can give you smart advice, but only some will boost your corporate image. Recruiting a high-profile board participant can add a winning sheen to your start-up.
Educated Guesses
Think the business leaders you're craving for your board are out of reach? Academia may provide some interesting alternatives. Professors can bring big-picture perspectives to your management.
Finding Diverse Candidates for Your Board
There is an increased demand for -- but limited supply of --diverse board candidates. Board expert Ralph Ward makes practical suggestions to guide your recruitment efforts.
Bored Stiff
A board of directors just isn't what it used to be.
Weeding Out Weak Board Members
Get advice on the best ways to go about getting rid of weak board members -- in a healthy and humane manner.
Four Board Evaluation Problems - And Solutions
Board self-evaluation is important, but not all boards do it in an effective way. Here are four common problems boards run into during the evaluation process.
Need Boardroom Yardsticks? Here Are Five.
What are best, worst, and in-between practices in the boardroom? Here are a few answers to the question: "If you had one tool to measure the value of a board, what would it be?"
5 Clues To Your Boardroom "Pecking Order"
Take a group of high-achievers, put them together around a boardroom table, and give them ultimate fiduciary responsibility for a corporation. Some very interesting interpersonal stuff happens.
Give Your Board a Style Audit
How effective is your board's chemistry? Board expert Ralph Ward suggests ideas to help formulate a good, objective blueprint of how your board actually functions.
Shake Up an Inbred Board
Is your board of directors in a rut? Famed futurist Esther Dyson offers some tactics to bring life back to your board.
Best Practices: Boardroom Orientation
Bringing your new board members up to speed is critical. Board expert Ralph Ward explains how one company uses a corporate fact book to educate new board members.
Hot Tip: The Smartest Phone Call A CEO Can Make
Bob Neuschel, a business professor at Northwestern University who also serves on many boards, shares a CEO board communication tip -- one that can also help make a CEO's position more secure.
A Boardroom "Bill Of Rights"
It's not uncommon to hear about the duties and responsibilities of a corporate director. But what rights do board members have?
Hot Tip: Board Meetings
Get the maximum value from your board of directors by leaving the discussion of the financials until the end of your meetings.
Agenda Lifesavers, Big and Little
So you have a boardroom with important, high-net-worth people, who can only devote a limited amount of time to contributing to your company. Do you really want to waste their time with a clumsy agenda?
Five Ways to Beat Board Presentation Blues
Presenting to board members is intimidating, whether it's your first or fiftieth time. By targeting your ideas to your audience and keeping your remarks short, you can make the best impression on the board.
Five Tips for First-Time Board Members
A quick look at how to establish yourself in your first board seat.
Common Boardroom Blunders of Novices
It's tough being the new kid in the boardroom, and there are typical mistakes made that will show you as an amateur. Board expert Ralph Ward outlines the telltale signs of a boardroom novice and suggests how to best showcase your expertise.
My Most Awkward Boardroom Moment
Real-life boardroom antics and snafus, straight from the pros' mouths.
Best Practices of Board Chairs
Are you taking the lead in a corporate board? Setting the agenda, moving beyond the details to the bigger picture, and building relationships with board members will make your chairmanship a breeze.