A Crash Course in Communication
Need a quick refresher on effective interpersonal interaction? Two communication experts offer 12 steps to smoother conversations.
Lost in Translation
Thanks to e-mail, BlackBerrys, and text messaging, the face-to-face encounter is becoming a dying art. Here's why you should revive it.
The Power of Listening
How does an old-line manufacturer in a stagnant industry manage to grow 25% a year for 10 years? By taking its employees seriously.
Do as I Say: Quick Tips for Masterful Communication
Tired of doing all the talking and not having your message get through to your staff? Try these suggestions to improve your leadership communication skills.
Just Listen to Yourself
Tape yourself to better understand your communications style.
Powerful Questions Can Have a Powerful Effect
Questions can be one of the most effective communication tools available to us. Do you use questions enough in your day-to-day interactions?
When Do You Lie? Strategies For More Authentic, Respectful Communication
Lies come in all shapes, sizes and colors. (Ever heard of flat-out, teensy or white lies?) This article focuses on when it's appropriate, if at all, to lie.
10 Tips for Communicating Change
Transition is inevitable, but exactly what you say and how you say it can make a major impact on how change is handled in your company.
How to Motivate Employees
Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, says it is vital to maintain regular face-to-face communication with  employees even as a company expands.
The 4-1-1 On Constructive Criticism
Being critical is easy, and offering criticism seems easier still. Yet constructive criticism - - the more refined and effective brand of critical feedback - - is like an art.
Lost in the Translation
Tips on communicating with employees who don't speak English.

How to Say You're Sorry
Apologizing is part of doing business. But do it wrong, and you'll really be sorry.
Tips on Becoming a Good Conversationalist
In this excerpt from How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Savvy Socializing in Person and Online learn tips for becoming a talk target -- someone with whom it is easy to make conversation.

10 Tips for Successful Networking
Keith Ferrazzi needs two PalmPilots to keep track of all his contacts, people like Bill Clinton and Michael Milken. But there's far more to cracking the inner circle of the power elite than just taking names.

Powerful Presentations
Small-business columnist Rhonda Abrams shares nine strategies for giving powerful presentations.
Reinventing the PowerPoint
New tech tools to liven your tired old PowerPoint presentations--and give your online marketing efforts a boost.
Perfecting Your Pitch
Check out these tips from entrepreneurs and business experts on creating pitches that can help you raise capital.
More Power Than Point
PowerPoint (or "presentation software") has become the lingua franca of American business. It's also become the problem with American business.
Best of the Net: Power Brokers
When it comes to presentation software, most users agree there's one clear standard. We've found some Web-based resources to help you make your point.
Captivate Audiences with Powerful Presentations
Do you want your speeches to pack a punch? Professional speaker and speech consultant Patricia Fripp offers ideas on humor, movement, and vocal techniques.
Short and Sweet: Mastering Quick Presentations
Called on to make a brief speech? Professional speaker and speech coach Patricia Fripp offers tips for saying what you want, short and sweet.
Present Before You Propose
Improve your presentation by saving handouts until the end.
Finding the Perfect Pitch
Watch three rookies gear up for the investor presentation of a lifetime.
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Presenters
Entrepreneurs learn pretty quickly that making a verbal pitch to investors is very different from submitting a written business plan. Here are seven good practices gleaned from a venture-capital boot camp.
Elements of a Winning Pitch
A presentation to potential investors in your business -- to family, friends, or angels -- should include most of these elements.
Escape From Meeting Hell
It's time for another soul-sapping, oxygen-depriving, time-wasting, mind-numbing company meeting. Or is it? We offer 15 clever solutions to the problems with most meetings.
Meetings Go Virtual
Web conferencing and other collaboration technologies -- tools that help people work with one another through their computers -- have become more available and affordable. This is a boon for smaller companies whose only previous collaboration option was to gather workers in a room with coffee, donuts and a whiteboard.
Meetings 101: Was That a Good Meeting, or a Bad One?
Five simple factors that help ensure every meeting is a good meeting.
Tools for Boosting Communication Effectiveness
Tips on how to boost the effectiveness of communication in meetings, during change initiatives, and in interviews.
Advice on Getting the Most Out of Meetings
Keith Lamb shares some advice on getting the most out of your meetings.
Cure the Sick-Meeting Ills
Ineffective meetings may be wasting time and lowering morale. Two communication experts offer seven strategies for dramatically improving your meetings.
How to Manage Meetings More Effectively
A look at companies that hold unique meetings for developing products, building camaraderie, generating ideas, and reviewing employees' needs and achievements.
Writing and Organizing a Winning Speech
Public speaker and speech consultant Patricia Fripp suggests following one of two basic outlines for your speech. She also offers speechwriting tips.
Polishing and Rehearsing for a Perfect Presentation
You've written a speech, but there's still work to do before delivering it. Patricia Fripp gives six suggestions for making sure your speech hits home along with several ideas on effective rehearsing.
Deliver a Stellar Speech
Powerful presentations happen when you check out the room in advance and work to connect with the audience when talking. Patricia Fripp offers ideas for ensuring that what you say is a smashing success.
No More Pre-Speech Jitters
From virtual reality therapy to positive visualization, we've got relaxation techniques to help offset your fears of public speaking.
Free Speech
Preparing for a big speech? Resources on the Web can help.
Work through Writer's Block
Need help working through some written projects? Two communication experts offer eight tips for clear and effective writing.
Writing Well on the Web
Content is king. Here are easy ways to make your website more reader-friendly.
Polish Your Prose
Poor grammar and punctuation in proposals and reports could cost you business.
How to Blog
The trick, say experts and longtime bloggers, is restraint. "For marketers, it's about being more authentic, which is so ironic," says one analyst.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Company's Blog
Driving traffic to your small business' corporate blog takes equal parts old-fashioned marketing and contemporary Web tools.


Are You Assertive or Aggressive?
Assertiveness is the skill that tops the list for success or failure in any workplace situation. Learn how to be more assertive -- not aggressive -- and apply it to your interactions.
Get Your Point Across without Being Rude
Is your communication style a little rough around the edges? Here are five techniques for saying what you mean without making enemies in the process.
Communicating When People Leave You Speechless
Improved communication is a nice idea, but can it work in the real world? Take a look at these real-life business issues and suggestions for better communication that may lead to better business.