Imagine having management guru Peter Drucker as your business mentor. As it turns out, many CEOs do. Senior editor Elaine Grant discovered in her Inc. September 2002 piece, "The Uber Mentor," that Drucker is many entrepreneurs' idea of a dream mentor. But if you can't enlist a business luminary as counselor, whom should you get?

Try this collection of's best articles on mentors to find out. From resources for finding and choosing a mentor to sage advice from famous mentors to making a mentor/mentee relationship work, you'll discover ways to uncover a mentor that you can truly look up to.

Finding a Mentor

Finding the Right Mentor for You
Some entrepreneurs may make it look easy to talk your way into the good graces of a great role model who will help you grow your business, but it isn't always easy to find that one special person.
Who Do You Call When No One Has the Answers?
Where the smartest CEOs turn for guidance and perspective when company building gets personal.
Seven Tips for Finding a Great Mentor
Mentors can be critical to growth and success in your career. But often the most difficult part is finding a good mentor.
Mentors for Life
If you're pursuing top business leaders as your only mentors, one entrepreneur suggests that you stop to take a look at the broader view -- mentors from your past who have shaped you.
Hands On: Mentors For Hire
New business owners hire experienced mentors in their fields to show them the ropes.
Resources for Mentor Seekers
If you can't find a mentor on your own, there are many places you can turn to for mentor "matchmaking."

Working the Relationship

The Truth about Mentoring
What's it like to have a mentor? To be a mentor? Entrepreneurs representing both sides of such a partnership tell all.
Using Mentors to Build Loyalty
Here's how PR firm FitzGerald Communications is using its turbocharged mentor program to hold on to staff.
No Experience Required
By surrounding herself with experts, can this business owner write a success story with her obscure tea drink?

Sage Advice

The Mentors
Kent Sutherland solicited Wal-Mart's Sam Walton as his business mentor 18 years ago and has prospered ever since. Here's where to find a mentor and the great advice mentors gave to eight CEOs.
At Their Knee
Some Inc. 500 CEOs owe their success (at least in part) to mentoring from some very celebrated business icons. So what's Ted Turner really like as a mentor?
Mentees on Mentors
Eight entrepreneurs talk about the mentors who meant a lot to them and the best business advice they received.