Here, assembles its most recent articles on the Iraq war, as well as some timeless pieces on leadership and managing in times of crisis. Use them to gain perspective on what war might mean to your business and to gain courage in leading your company through these tough times.

War and Entrepreneurs

The Art of the Woman Warrior
Two former Marines offer management training strictly for businesswomen.
Case Study: Magnet America
The Problem: Dwain Gullion hit a chord with his magnetic yellow ribbons. But can he turn a patriotic fad into a real business?
Opening Up the Baghdad Office
Entrepreneurs in Iraq: Some were called to serve, others came to build a fortune.

War and the Economy

The Wharton School and Inc. magazine offer predictions of what a war with Iraq might mean to American businesses and advice on how to survive its adverse effects.

The Storm Before the Calm
Might war with Iraq spur economic growth? And what will it mean for small companies?
Readers' Questions: War. Who Is It Good For?
Absolutely nobody. But there are some things you can do to protect your business.
How Business Can Prepare for War
Companies in many areas of the world are reining in investments and postponing the launch of new projects, according to a webcast/teleconference organized by Wharton on February 12. Titled "Business and the Pending War," the discussion brought together Wharton faculty and members of the Wharton Fellows program who shared their views on how companies can prepare for a war that more and more people consider inevitable.

Leaders on Leadership

From deep in the archives, uncovers resources on leadership written by and about military leaders and CEOs whose lessons learned provide poignant advice during this time of crisis.

War As I Knew It
A CEO recommends reading George S. Patton Jr.'s War As I Knew It for the lessons it teaches in leadership and earning respect.
Schwarzkopf On Leadership
General Norman Schwarzkopf discusses some of the principles that helped him win the Gulf War.
Book Review: Geeks & Geezers
Leadership guru Warren Bennis and strategic change expert Robert Thomas teamed up to write Geeks and Geezers, a book that focuses on the nation's oldest and youngest leaders and how their eras' values shaped them.
Learning From the Best
A book review of Lessons from the Top: The Search for America's Best Business Leaders by Thomas J. Neff and James M. Citrin that looks at America's top 50 business leaders and the practical lessons that can be learned from them.

Managing through a Crisis

These resources, mainly written during the last two years, including around the Sept. 11 attacks, focus on how you can muster the courage to lead your organization through any type of crisis.

Leading Your Company Through a Crisis
What can leaders do to ease the transition through a time of crisis? Here are nine steps to take.
Helping Employees Cope
Even at businesses not directly affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11, workers were often overwhelmed with grief and fear. These seven steps outlined by former Inc. writer Emily Barker helped employees cope with the aftermath of 9/11 and could help your employees in any time of crisis.
From Chaos to Leadership
Laurel Touby, founder of, discusses how the September 11 attacks and the economic downturn affected her business and tested her abilities as a company leader .
Managing Uncertainty in an Economic Downturn
As we await an economic upswing, leaders and managers must ensure that fear, turnover, "survivor's syndrome," lack of hope, and sinking morale don't sabotage performance or damage company culture.