Getting carried away in your work is easy to do when you're an entrepreneur. Running a business becomes an integral part of your life, and often, the line between work and life gets so blurred that the difference becomes indistinguishable. But many entrepreneurs note, business success is most often brought about by a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Here, offers its best articles on finding and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. From tips on simplifying and finding time to exercise, to advice on juggling work and family responsibilities, you'll find invaluable information for building a more rewarding entrepreneurial lifestyle.

The Key to a Balanced Lifestyle: Tips and Techniques to Simplify Your Life

The Remote Control CEO
Stephen Mcdonnell insists that he stays home four days a week because it's good management--not because it's fun. The performance of his company, Applegate Farms, seems to back him up.
Where the Renaissance Meets the Road
There are many paths to a balanced life. One business owner gets there by kneeling on the street for three days.
Get a Life!
Some entrepreneurs can work 40 hours a week and have a thriving company. Here's how you can have a life!
The Power of Balance
Four Inc. 500 CEOs share strategies for more effectively managing the scales of work and life.
Get a Life!
Some entrepreneurs can work 40 hours a week and have a thriving company. Here's how you can have a life!
The Trouble With Lifestyle Entrepreneurs
New Zealand's business owners have struck a work-life balance that many of their American counterparts would envy. So why is this becoming a national crisis? And what's the lesson for us?
The Simple Life
Elaine St. James, author of Simplify Your Life, explains how to do so in a technology-driven world.
The Fine Line between Business and Fun
Is your company in the doldrums? Part of the problem may be that you're making too much of a distinction between work and social time. 2000 Inc. 500 CEO Will Smith III has found success by helping employees integrate all aspects of their lives.
Beloved Zinfandel
Michael Apstein, a gastroenterologist and full-time wine critic, describes how he uses technology to balance his duel professions and still find time for his family.
Has Anyone Seen the Boss?
The CEO life after (or before, or right in the middle of) work.
Hot Tip: Lighten That Workload
This CEO was running three businesses at once -- and working too much. He vowed to cut back, and he started by making a list.

Mission Statements, Goals, and Healthy Habits: A Guide to Professional and Personal Fulfillment

Make the Most of Your Personal Mission Statement
How does 2000 Inc. 500 CEO Mark Holland keep on track personally and professionally? He adheres to his personal mission statement, which has grown into a life plan.
Reaching Your Goals
How do you break out of the cycle of not reaching your goals? With these tips from small-business columnist Rhonda Abrams.
Book Value
Several new books purport to offer readers a more fulfilling life. The common theme? If you're not happy, it's your own damn fault.
Find Trail. Hike. Repeat
Some leisure pursuits take your mind off business. This one makes Eric Kampmann think about his business better.
Pat Croce's Bottom Line
Too busy to exercise? Pat Croce's not buying it. Getting fit, he says, is simple -- just use the same tools you use to keep your business in shape.
Relaxation Resources
Yoga, meditation and sleep resources for busy business owners.
R&R: The Upside (of Downtime)
Looking to become a better CEO? Try not taking care of business for a while.
The Other Bottom Line
How are you supposed to have the time or energy to keep your body in shape while growing a company? Here's why taking the time to take care of your health may be the best thing you ever did for your business.
The One-Day Rest Cure
One entrepreneur takes time out to keep her life in balance.

Work and Family: Advice on How to Juggle the Needs and Demands of Both

Small-Business Owners Rethink Their Priorities
Though they're famous for long hours and neglected personal lives, American entrepreneurs are doing a lot of soul-searching -- and rediscovering the joys of family life and vacations.
How can I juggle the demands of work and family?
Personal & Professional Growth mentor Jennifer Lawton offers her insights on finding a balance between work and home life.
How To Get the Kids on Your Side
Keeping the lines of communication open with your children can help foster an appreciation for the work you do.
The Fully Managed Family
How can a woman run not one but two companies while raising five kids -- including a toddler and an infant? Like this.
Your Business or Your Life
A business coach and author gives entrepreneurs a way to make a family plan alongside a business plan.