First the bad news. If you thought finding good entry-level help was tough in this troublesome talent market, try locating a chief technology officer, a director of operations, or even your successor. Recruiting is a challenge in this labor drought, and recruiting executives is even more taxing. A recent study by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. observes that "companies are about to be engaged in a war for senior executive talent that will remain a defining characteristic of their competitive landscape for decades to come." The report's disconcerting conclusion? Most companies are ill-prepared for the executive recruiting challenge ahead.

Now the good news. You can find talented top dogs for your growing company. It's just going to take a little more flexibility, ingenuity, and patience than executive recruiting once did. Look within your organization, groom promising employees, beat the bushes outside your organization, comb the competition, and, by all means, do your best to hold on to the quality leadership you've already attracted. Not sure where to begin? Start right here with the best advice has to offer from fellow entrepreneurs, small-business experts, and even a psychiatrist.

Recruiting with the Big Boys

Hot Tip: Executive Recruiter
Hiring an executive recruiter can give your company a recruiting edge.
Scenes From the Talent Wars
As the labor market tightens, employers are going to ever greater lengths to lure top performers. How aggressive are you willing to get?
Bringing the Best on Board
Don't assume you can't afford top-notch executives for your small company. Give them steady incomes and space to perform, and they'll soon pay for themselves.
Make Hiring a Process, Not an Event
If recruitment isn't an integral part of your strategic business, you may end up holding the bag.
When is it Time to Hire More Employees?
Here are ten questions you should ask to help you decide if you are adequately staffed.
Hire the Best
Getting a successful executive to join your management team may seem like the impossible dream. How can an upstart outbid established companies for talent? It's all in how you approach the offer.
Winning the War for Talent
Why are companies having such a difficult time attracting, managing, and keeping executive talent? And what can your business do to land the best and brightest?
Flexible High Flyer
Sometimes flexibility is the key to executive recruiting success.

Looking Within: Why Finding Top Executives in Your Company Pays Off

Better the Hire You Know
Here's why more and more employers are welcoming back "boomerang" hires -- former employees who have left for other jobs only to return.
The Making of a President
Long-term training can turn employees with potential into future company presidents
The Next in Line
Think twice before you recruit outsiders to grow your company. You may be better off filling the new positions with people you've trained yourself -- provided you have a plan for filling their current positions, says CEO and Inc. magazine columnist Jack Stack.

Filling the Top Spots Flawlessly

The Perils of Hiring Stars
Beware the sparkling resume: New research shows that "superstar" employees often do real harm.
The CEO Job Description
Crafting the perfect job description is crucial to attracting the best candidates for the job, according to Colleen Aylward, founder of high-tech recruiting-and-placement firm Devon James Associates Inc.
The 4 Hiring Practices of Highly Successful Organizations
Finding the right person for the right job fuels success.
Growth Company Seeks CFO
On the prowl for a top-notch Chief Financial Officer? Here's how to begin your search.
Searching for a CEO
Find out how one entrepreneur roped in the hardest hire.
For Rent: Savvy CIO, Available Fridays
Having trouble finding experienced tech help? Here's why some companies are renting their chief information officers.
Recruiting Top Talent, One by One
As Good Catalog Co. grew, CEO Barb Todd carefully enhanced the compensation package to attract key managers.

Narrowing the Field: Finding the Perfect Candidate for the Position

How to Hire Wisely
Forget the gimmicky tests and interview books. Here are some tips you really can use to make a great hire.
Human Resource Spotlight: Sourcing Candidates
The results of a new survey on sourcing and screening job candidates.
Planning for the Perfect Hire
According to a new book, most companies consider recruiting an ad hoc process, with little planning and less thought of ramifications. To remedy this, the author offers a step-by-step process for solid hiring.
No Room for Compromise
Holding out for the perfect job candidate may be frustrating, time consuming, and costly, but making a mistake in hiring can be disastrous. Consultant and psychiatrist Dr. Pierre Mornell offers some tips on finding the right person.
Zero Defect Hiring
In an excerpt from his book Hiring Smart! Dr. Mornell describes how to predict the future performance of a job candidate. The excerpt includes preinterview strategies and tips on checking references.