How to Save on Marketing Your Invention
You might be seeing dollar signs as you envision your invention heading to market. What you likely aren't thinking is just how costly the process can be. Here are number of resources that can trim the costs of bringing an invention to fruition.
How to Bring Your Invention to Market
You've got a great idea. But negotiating your way from the invention you first sketch out on a napkin to a successful product can be daunting. Here's a 4-step guide to becoming a successful inventor.
How to Protect Your Invention from Scams
Inventors' enthusiasm and passion for their inventions, coupled with their lack of knowledge about the process, make them attractive targets for scam artists. Here's how to protect yourself from slick radio and TV ads promising help to inventors.
How to Outsource R&D
More companies are outsourcing business functions--including research and development. Here's everything you need to know, from technology acquisition to the drawbacks of outsourcing.
How to Benefit from R&D
Research and development isn't just for big corporations. Here's how you can use the three types of R&D to build your business, from selecting projects to finding tax advantages.
How to Protect Your Invention
Now that you've developed your invention, how can you protect it? Find out if your invention qualifies for patent protection and if filing for a patent is worth the time and expense.
How to File for a Patent
Filing for a patent can be very labor intensive. Should you do it yourself or enlist help? How do you do a patent search? Here is Inc.'s step-by-step guide to the complicated legal process of filing for a patent.
How to Guard Against Patent Infringement
Once you've received patent protection, enforcing it is mostly your job. How do you root out violators, counterfeiters and competitors? What do you do if someone steals your intellectual property? Can you protect your idea overseas? Find out how.
How to Use Online Market Research Tools
What are online market research tools? From web searches and online questionnaires to customer feedback forms – these can all help you gather information about your market, your customers, and your future business prospects. Find out how.
How to Profit from Market Research
What do customers want? Small business owners may think they know, but you may be surprised by what market research can reveal. Find out why you should conduct market research and how to profit from doing it successfully.