"Leadership" can be an elusive quality. How does one become a better leader? And what makes a great leader? Although there are no easy answers to these questions, key elements of leadership -- including communication, delegation, and team building -- can be studied and developed.

To help you learn more about what you can do to improve leadership in your company (both your own and the leadership skills of those around you), we've compiled Inc.com's best resources on the topic. Bookmark this guide so you can easily consult it for inspiration and advice.

The Psychology of Success
Why do some leaders thrive while others struggle? The answers might surprise you.
Lessons in Leadership
All of us need role models, especially those of us who run our own businesses. Rhonda Abrams shares the lessons her role model has taught her.
Why Leadership Is The Most Dangerous Idea in American Business
If you're an entrepreneur, almost everything about "leadership" as we know it is bad for you. But there's another way to lead. Here are the rules.
The New Face of Confidence
Business leaders may be better positioned than they have been in years to make smart calculations about growth and strategy. Here's why.
The Innovation Factor: What's Your Innovation Quotient?
Can you lead your company in a way that promotes taking creative risks and encourages innovative thinking? Take this 20 question quiz to find out.
Courage: Tap Greater Potential and Thrive Through Challenges
Leading your company through an economic downturn or crisis takes a leader with commitment and vision. Here are some stragtegies for finding the courageous leader within you who will help you and your company survive adverse circumstances.
Building Rapport With Different Personalities
Here are three common personality types with whom many people have a tough time -- and some suggestions on how to increase understanding and build rapport.
Are You Assertive or Aggressive?
Assertiveness can help strengthen relationships, reduce stress, improve your self-image, and make you more successful.
Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned From the Movies
Want to inspire your organization? Earn the undying loyalty of employees? Turn crises into triumphs? Start by renting these 10 videos.
Authentic Leadership: Looking in the Mirror
Being an authentic leader means ensuring that one's corporate actions and rhetoric are aligned, that such actions are meaningful (as opposed to superficial, headline-grabbing moves), and that one's public persona and private self are not at odds.
The Zero-Defect CEO
Smart managers have already removed the defects from their businesses. Next, they use big-league business coaches to do the same for themselves.
Lost in Translation
Thanks to e-mail, BlackBerrys, and text messaging, the face-to-face encounter is becoming a dying art. Here's why you should revive it.
The Power of Listening
How does an old-line manufacturer in a stagnant industry manage to grow 25% a year for 10 years? By taking its employees seriously.
A Fun Read
Zingerman's Community of Businesses uses its staff guide to help communicate its founders' vision and expectations in an effective and entertaining manner.
Powerful Questions Can Have a Powerful Effect
Questions can be one of the most effective communication tools available to us.
When Do You Lie? Strategies For More Authentic, Respectful Communication
Lies come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but large or small, they can still have damaging effects on the people around you. Avoid telling them with these strategies for engaging in honest communications with employees and peers.
The 4-1-1 On Constructive Criticism
Being critical is easy, and offering criticism seems easier still. Yet constructive criticism -- the more refined and effective brand of critical feedback -- is like an art.
Six Coaching Strategies You Can Apply in the Workplace
Coaches of all kinds use similar tools to teach and motivate. Here are six key tools you can use to teach and motivate employees.
Want to Be More Effective? Learn to Listen
Miscommunication may be hurting your company by lowering productivity and increasing turnover. Here's how to improve your listening skills.
Feedback That's More Productive, Less Painful
Giving and receiving clear feedback requires courage and skill. Two communications experts give 10 tips for making feedback more meaningful.
10 Tips for Communicating Change
Transition is inevitable, but exactly what you say and how you say it can make a major impact on how change is handled in your company.
Do as I Say: Quick Tips for Masterful Communication
Tired of doing all the talking and not having your message get through to your staff? Try these suggestions to improve your leadership communication skills.
Who Can You Trust?
Why so many entrepreneurs have trouble delegating.
The Long-Term Perils of Being a Control Freak
It's an entrepreneurial condition that goes by many names. And for many owners of smaller companies, it's the affliction that both keeps them from effectively expanding their business and from enjoying its success.
Delegation Follow-up
Every time you delegate something, record the task, the employee, and the deadline on your calendar.
Alfred Peet: My Biggest Mistake
The founder of Peet's Coffee & Tea reflects on how his inability to delegate led to his downfall.
If Not Me, Then You
Once upon a time, Liz Cobb's savvy and drive would have made her indispensable as a CEO. But at this moment in Internet time, it may not be enough.
Baby, You Can Drive My Company
Letting go of your company is never easy. One founder offers advice on how she learned to delegate key functions while maintaining control.
The Leader Within
Looking for executive talent to help shed some of those responsibilities? Don't overlook your own staff.