The Ultimate Valuation Guide

If you're thinking of selling a business, you need to know what it's worth. If you're not thinking of selling, you still need to know. Let's run the numbers.

The Number Cruncher Versus the Vision Guy
We asked two appraisers to put a price tag on three different companies. You'll be surprised at just how different their numbers turned out, and how subjective a business valuation can be.
Valuation Profile: Infinite Conferencing
What is success in webcasting and conferencing services worth?
Valuation Profile: Mistral Software
They make cell phone software, but can they make a killing?
Valuation Profile: Vivid Sky
Can a handheld guide at sporting events lead to a big win?
Get the Number You Want
The balance sheet doesn't tell the whole story. A successful valuation takes into account lots of intangibles--and they can add up. Here are five ways to boost the final figure.
Hot or Not?
The market is awash in capital, and more investors are putting it into entrepreneurial firms. But not all businesses are created equal. Here's a look at the most, and least, valuable industries today.
How Does the Business-Valuation Process Work?
Buying a Business mentor Tom West says that there's a big difference between a company's worth and its price.

Business Brokers

All business brokers aren't created equal. Use this advice to find a trustworthy broker.

For Sale: The American Dream
Need help selling your company? Lots of folks out there claim that they can help you get the most for your business. Don't believe everything you hear.
Questions to Ask a Business Broker
Judge whether a business broker is the one for you by asking these six questions.
Finding the Right Business Broker
Interviewing more than one broker, paying attention to success rates and fees, and determining how committed a broker is to selling your business are just three ways to determine whether or not you've found a reliable broker.
Red Flags in Choosing a Business Broker
Look for these six signs that a broker you're considering hiring may not be a good choice.
Should I Use a Business Broker?
Tom West,'s Buying a Business mentor, offers advice for working with business brokers or intermediaries.

The Sales Process

From planning to vetting potential buyers, use these strategies to guide and control the sales process.

Tips on Selling a Business
Thinking of selling your business? Read these six smart tips first.
Selling Your Business
Advice on preparing to sell your company, including tips on choosing the right type of buyer, avoiding a costly audit, and dealing through brokers and other intermediaries.
Grilling Potential Buyers
Techniques one CEO used to get the best deal when he sold his company.
Keeping Your Numbers Secret
Three tips for keeping negotiations secret when you're trying to sell your business.